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A study evaluates the net neutrality situation in the EU

Two and a half years after the adoption of the guidelines confirming strong protection for net neutrality in Europe, Austrian EDRi member published a study on the enforcement and status quo of net neutrality. The study entitled "The Net Neutrality Situation in the EU: Evaluation of the First Two Years of Enforcement" examines whether telecom companies are violating net neutrality rules, how regulators are fulfilling their enforcement and supervision duties, and how this affects internet users across the continent.

The study focuses on the most common net neutrality violation in Europe, the practice of “zero-rating”. For this purpose, conducted a complete survey of all zero-rating offers in Europe, including the applications that benefit from the special treatment of having their data excluded from monthly data cap.

The study highlights two important findings: 1) that zero rating offers cost consumers more, and do not lead to decreased prices as initially expected; 2) that it's mostly American online companies who benefit from zero-rated offers (with only three European exceptions).