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The US Criminal Justice Agencies Invited to Review and Comment on New N-DEx IEPD

The National Data Exchange (N-DEx) 4.0 Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) is available for public review and comments until July 9, 2019. The IEPD is located on the N-DEx webpage under the Technical Tools section, near the bottom of the page. The goal of this IEPD is to simplify, streamline, and increase efficiency in performing data integration efforts between criminal justice agencies and the N-DEx System. The IEPD defines what constitutes a criminal justice information exchange between the N-DEx System and a state, local, tribal, or federal criminal justice agency. It also provides N-DEx System data specifications and the information content and structure for various types of reports, including but not limited to incident, arrest, booking, probation, and parole messages exchanged between participating criminal justice agencies.

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