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Двое мужчин в офисе

Двое мужчин в офисе

компьютерное программирование

компьютерное программирование

City from Below

City from Below

The International Association of Legal Research and Investigators

Professional International Organization

Founded by Professionals for Professionals


IALRI Origins

 The Association had been established in 2009 as a traditional professional organization for investigators and other professions related to the investigation. The idea was supported by three internationally recognized professional investigators. They are active supporters of international culture and ethical norms in the investigation.

The German Miss Marple Miriam Ettisch-Enchelmaier from Germany, Mr Warren Levicoff from the USA and Mr Suren Kamsarakansky from Armenia. The Association was registered in Armenia as an NGO.
The idea was intended to unify and bring professionals interested in conducting international investigations in accordance with already established western standards and ethical aspects. Knowledge of foreign legislative norms, sometimes even at the necessary and elementary levels could able to help nationwide agencies and employees to conduct successful investigations.
The Associations proudly states that during its existence many matters have got their appropriate and highly qualified solutions by bringing to our Members successful experience and valuable knowledge by interacting with each other. By saying solving matter we mean not only information solution but also an analysis of legislative aspects of the country of interest as well as comprehensive advice on procedures.

 The IALRI acts and promotes general principles of diplomacy. The Association implements its activity in accordance with avowed international approaches such areas respect of sovereignty, national and cultural values, non-interference in internal affairs. 






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