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Translated from Armenian


by the Central Body of the State Register of

the Juridical Persons

of the Republic of Armenia


Registration No. 211.171.05060

Certificate No. 03 A 085156








1.1 “International Association For Legal Research and Investigators” Non-Governmental

Organization (hereinafter referred as to the Association) is a  non-commercial organization,  joining natural persons  together in accordance with the procedure established by the law based on their common interests with the purpose to satisfy their non religious, spiritual or other immaterial demands, to defend their and other persons’ rights and interests, providing the society, its separate groups with monetary and non-monetary assistance with the intention to carry out other socially useful work.

1.2 The Association acts in accordance with RA Legislation, RA International Treaties and the present Articles of Association.              

1.3 The principles the Association’s activity is legality, voluntariness, equality of rights, self-governance and publicity.

1.4 The Association acts on the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia and in foreign states in accordance with their legislation.

1.5 The Association’s name is: in English/ Brief: “IALRI” NGO

1.6 The registered address is 21/4, Saryan St., Yerevan city, RA.



2.1 The following are aims stipulated by RA legislation:

Keeping the investigator’s rating recognition and  esteem on a high level, promoting them gaining international recognition;

Organising educational programs for the members of Association, in accordance with appropriate international standards  including material support provided by the association and members;

Compiling a Code of Ethics in the Association that is accepted by Board Members and will be obligatory for the Association’ members;

Organising  arbitration board in the Association that will assist to solve the professional issues arisen among the members;

The Association will support preparation of legislative projects and present to appropriate bodies;

Organising international seminars, round tables and other arrangements with a purpose of working and professional experience exchange of  organizations and individuals;

Creating and  developing a system of higher standards of professional activity in the field for legal research and work in the investigative field

Cooperating with the state, private and international organizations.

2.2 To conduct other activities proceeding from the present Articles of Association and not prohibited by RA Legislation.




3.1. Any citizen of RA as well as of any foreign state,  accepting the Articles the Association’s and wishing to participate in its activities, may become a member of the Association.

3.2. A person, who wants wishing to become a member of the Association’s, must apply to the Board of

the Association in a written form (hereinafter – the Board) having completed the application form accepted by the Association. An issue of accepting to the membership the Association is settled by the Board. A person under fourteen years may become a member of the Association by his own desire on the base of application of the legal representative. A person from fourteen to eighteen years old, provided that has not been acknowledged completely incapable in accordance with the law, may become a member of the Association on the base of personal application with the written consent of the legal representative.                                         

3.3. A person accepted to the membership of the Association may freely leave it.

The Membership’s revocation takes place by the Board’s decision.

3.4. A member, not paying the membership fee stipulated by the Board within six months, is excluded from the membership by the decision of the administration.

 Re-applying he is treated as any other applicant.




4.1.  A member has the following rights:

a) to elect superior  and other bodies the Association’s and be elected  to them, moreover,

Any person above 18 years  may be elected to the Board ;

b) to submit applications, suggestions and claims to the Board of the

Association with the purpose of improving its operations;

c) to receive exhaustive information regarding the Association’s activities;

d) to leave the Association on his own free will;

e) to obtain legal assistance from the Association for protection of his legal interests;

f) to participate in events organized by the Association;

g) to appeal to the meeting or the court against not authorized activities of the Administration.

4.2.  A member undertakes:

a) to enhance the Association’s authority;

b) to fulfil the requirements of the Association’s articles, decisions of the; Board

c) to pay entrance and membership fees if stipulated by the Board, the amount and

the procedure of payment is stipulated by the Board;

d) to fulfil consciously any tasks assigned to him.

4.3. The General Assembly and the Board may impose means of disciplinary penalty: rebukes, dismissal, when the member violating the articles or not fulfilling his obligations.




5.1. The Association is a legal entity from the moment of state registration.

5.2. The Association has separated property, independent balance, seal with its name in

Armenian, Russian and English inscriptions and symbol, stamp, settlement account in

bank in RA and foreign currency. It may acquire property and personal not-property rights,

bear responsibilities, appear in court as a plaintiff and respondent.

5.3. The Association has an emblem with a round world map pictured on it with an inscription IALRI, and around the circle, it is inscribed: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LEGAL RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATORS.

5.4. The Association determines the Association’s structure, tasks, aims and forms of activities.

5.5. The Association has the following rights in accordance with the procedure established by the law to implement its authorized tasks and aims:

a) To spread information regarding its activities;

b) To base a mass media;

c) To organize peaceful meetings, mass meetings, marches and demonstrations

d) To represent and protect the rights and legal interests of its members in other organizations, court, bodies of state and local self-governing bodies;

e) To fulfil business activities through economic organizations established by it;

f) To acquire, lease and use real estate, transport means, other property not prohibited by the law in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation;

g) To alienate or lease or submit free of charge any movables or immovable the Association

h) To sign contracts and other transactions not prohibited by the law;

i) To form and manage independently its financial resources, including by involvement of borrowed funds, to get credits, grants, also in currency, in RA and other countries;

j) To realize independently foreign policy, also to sign agreements with foreign, not commercial and not governmental organizations, to participate in international public

organizations, to send its members and other persons on business trips, to invite citizens of other courtiers, to established separated sub-divisions in foreign states in accordance with their legislation.




6.1. The Association undertakes :

a) to give an opportunity to any natural person upon his request to view  the Association’s articles  within seven calendar days;

b) to  complete paper work and accounting  according to legal requirements;

c) to submit to the Association’s approval meeting reports regarding its activities and usage of property not less than once per two years, providing public simplicity of the reports;

d) by the demand of state government authorizing the Board to submit  the authorities copies of the decisions of it superior  and other bodies, to allow the representatives of those bodies to participate in the Association’s meetings;

e) in the cases and according to the procedure stipulated by the law to submit information and reports to the state bodies;

f) within one month after taking decisions on establishing and liquidation a separated sub-division or establishment to apply to the state registration person, to register or strike off the register in accordance with the established procedure;

g) to carry out registration of its members;

h) in the case of changing an official, who has a right to represent the Association without a power of attorney and (or) the Association’s address, to send passport data of that person and (or) data of the Association’s address to the state registration body within 14 calendar days.




7.1. The right of the final decision regarding any issue of the Association’s activities and management pertaining to the superior body of the Association: the meeting.

7.2. The meeting is called at least once in two years. The Board calls a meeting, determining the order and terms of running it. If the Association’s members amount to more than a hundred, then delegates, elected by the members may participate in the meeting in accordance with the procedure established by the Board.

An extraordinary meeting of the Association is called by a grounded demand of one

third of the Association’s membership or the revision committee with an approved agenda of the demanding neither part nor later than within 14 calendar days.

7.3. The following pertains to the exclusive competence??? of the meeting:

a) approval and change of the Association’s rules;

b) election of administrative and auditing bodies, change in their staff and premature termination of their powers;

c) approval of reports regarding the Association’s activities and property.

d) taking decisions  concerning the Association’s reorganization and liquidation;

7.4. The  General Assembly may discuss issues and take decisions  if more than a half of the Association’s members/General Assembly or their delegates participate  Decisions during the discussion of issues pertaining to the Association’s exclusive competence by the law and the present  rules are taken by a simple majority of votes of all the members or delegates.

7.5. The Board is elected by the General Assembly for two years. The Board carries out its activities through sessions called by the Association’s President once in six months. A session of the Board may also be called by the demand of 20% of the Association’s members, two members of the Board or the Association’s auditing committee ( accountant).

7.6. The Board:

a) approves reports the Association’s President, including the report submitted to the meeting;

b) The President’ suggestions representation  to the  General Assembly  regarding issues pertaining to its exclusive competence;

c) approves an Association’s  member and releases or dismisses  the membership;

d) applies means of encouragement and penalties to the Association’s members;

e) manages the Association’s activities during the periods from one meeting to another;

f) determines the order, amount and form of entrance payment and membership fees ;

g) acquires, possesses, uses, manages, administers, alienates and strikes off the register the Association’s property exceeding one million drams;

h) establishes and liquidates establishments, structural subdivisions, separated the Association’s sub-divisions (branches and representations), as well as approves their  rules;

i) approves the Association’s stuff, the order and employees’remuneration;

j) determines the order and amount of remuneration of the persons involved in the Association’s administrating bodies ;

k) approves the Association’s accounting reports;

l) has the right to discuss and settle any issue pertaining to the Association’s activities and management,  except those pertaining to the exclusive competence of the meeting.

7.7. The Board may discuss issues and take decisions if more than half of its members participate in it. Decisions of the Board are taken by a simple majority of votes. The president’s vote is considered decisive in the case of the votes equality.

7.8. The Association’s President is elected by the  General Assembly for a term of 2 years.

7.9. The Association’s President:

Manages the  Board’s work and presides over their sessions;

Represents the Association without a power of attorney;

Carries out entire the Association’s executive management;

Making decisions/orders, powers of attorney;

Concludes transactions, signs agreements, financial documents, opens banking accounts in accordance with the established procedure;

Approves the Association’s staff, the order and the employees’  remuneration;

Acquires, possesses, uses, manages, alienates and strikes off the register any property the Association of any amount and quantity of the property till the value of one million drams.

7.10. The auditing committee (auditor) is elected by the General Assembly for a term of 2 years.  Board members and the Association’s President cannot be a member of the auditing committee.

7.11. The auditing committee (auditor) makes executes in sessions,  undertaken at least twice a year. A session may also come together upon the demand of 20% of the Association’s members, one third of the members of the committee, the Association’s President and the Board.

7.12. The Association’s auditing committee may discuss issues and take decisions on them if 2/3 of the committee members participating in the session. Decisions of the committee are taken by simple majority of votes. The vote of the Chairman of the committee is decisive in case of the votes equality. The decisions are taken solely in case

of the auditing body being the auditor.

7.13. The auditing committee (auditor) can demand from the President and other officials of the Association any data and reports regarding the activities the Association.

7.14. The auditing committee must submit reports regarding results of the banking transfers /financial activities, balance sheets, property preservation and other summarized data to the General Assembly.




8.1. Property of the Association it is the Association’s ownership.

8.2. The Association may have as ownership of real estate, transportation means, devices,

monetary means, securities and other property not prohibited by the law. Any

Association’s member may not own any part of its property.

8.3. Sources the Association’s property   assets  may be:

Entrance and membership fees, monetary and the Association’s material investments;

Credits,  obtained from banking and credit  institutions;


Charitable investments, donations  by citizens and organizations;

Sums transferred by economic companies are founded by the Association;

Other income, not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

8.4. The Association’s property is under the protection of the Republic of Armenia.

8.5. The Association’s property may be confiscated only by the court

in accordance with the procedure established by the law.

8.6. The Association ’s assets may be used only for the organizational expenses, for the implementation of aims and tasks, stipulated by the rules/statutes.

8.7.  Persons elected to the Association’s administrative and auditing bodies may be remunerated the Association. the amount is fixed by the Board.





9.1. The Association may be reorganized by the decision of the  General Assembly or a court in accordance with the procedure established by the law.

9.2. The Association may be liquidated by the decision of the General Assembly or court.  The General Assembly forms a liquidation commission and determines the order and terms of liquidation stipulated by the law.

9.3. At the end of the liquidation, the liquidation commission uses the property, remaining after having made any obligatory payments in accordance with the established procedure to implement the Association’s aims and tasks,  and if it is impossible, transfer it to the state budget.


These Association’s rules were compiled on May 01, 2009.


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