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IALRI Origins


The IALRI was founded in 2009 by Suren Kamsarakansky from Armenia, Miriam Ettisch-Enchelmaier from Germany and Warren Levicoff from OH USA. The International Association for Legal Research and Investigators (IALRI) is a professional organisation established to serve the idea of cooperation and multisided interaction between private investigators, information brokers, lawyers, advocates and other legal and information professionals living and operating both in Eastern Europe, Russia and its neighboring countries and the rest of the world.


We at the IALRI are absolutely positive about the benefits of being professionally connected, even distantly, to the colleagues from other countries - it not only may assist you with enlarging your clientele, but also makes your professional horizons wider and increase understanding on both professional and personal levels.


Our organisation was established for those who are oriented on widening international contacts, who feels the need to promote their own services abroad and who has already been involved in such processes. For such members, the IALRI is a valuable tool providing communication, discussion opportunity and methodological assistance.





Warren Levicoff
Co-founder , Secretary
Miriam Ettisch-Enchelmaier
Co-founder ,Vice-Preseident
Suren Kamsarakansky
Co-founder , President
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Miriam Ettisch-Enchelmaier

Co-founder ,Vice-Preseident